[An ‘Insanity Daily’ blog post] Weighing up the end of Twitter

The negatives here sums up the ever-gaping asshole Twitter in 2020 at least.

The Most Appropriate URL On The Internet Right Now

Things I will not miss on Twitter:

  • SJW’s
  • Some fuckwit trending that I’ve not a clue who they are until I find out people are blethering on about fucking Love Island again
  • Simple Twitter users thinking everything in life works in binaries (also very much social justice warriors again)
  • Entitled wankers using exotic animals as playthings to make viral gifs out of
  • Being suspended for absolutely no reason, and certainly nothing Twitter bots can ever specifically tell me (because their bots are totally broken)
  • Virtue signalling muppets
  • Simple folk who have regressed so far backwards in intelligence/intellect that they have to actually remind themselves on their profile whether they’re a he or a she

Things I will miss on Twitter:

  • Asking anyone who casually called me “racist” to link me to any post whatsoever I’ve ever made that was racist – and making them look like utter tits because they…

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