The Limey General Election 2K19 Build-Up Soap Opera

By Abdul Hussain

One may ask why I have not got around to writing much, or producing a lot of commentary videos as of late: well, the chief reason for that is, beside getting sunk into gaming once again, I’ve decided to pay attention to limey politics, or rather, the soap opera-like build-up to the UK General Election 2019, and what a monumentally laughable farce it really was, but I have to admit that I was keeping up to pace with that for comedic reasons, and to an extent, it did not disappoint in that regard.

So then, where shall I start? Let’s start with the first set of televised debates that took place in November 2019 then, especially with the ITV (UK) debate that took place on November 19, 2019, whereby besides Jeremy Corbyn verbally promising “a fairer UK for all” and  verbally promising that the NHS will not be sold off alongside more financial support for public services, and Boris Johnson promising to “Get Brexit Done®”, and talking about his reported past “achievements” (political promises are like promises of repentance from an habitual  adulterer if you ask me: don’t trust what they say, but see what they do after what they have said), the questions that were greenlit for approval were frankly so laughably basic that you would expect these questions to be asked by a kindergarten student, and not a bunch of fully-grown human beings, such as, but not limited to (paraphrased):

  • “Can I trust you?”

As for the BBC’s UK Election (Prime Ministerial) Debate (December 6, 2019) though, while some of the questions provided by the audience were a little better in terms of the topics covered, the most compelling question (I thought) that was this one:

Additionally, as political journalist with a passion for sports, Neil Clark has stated, rightly in my opinion, that this Leaders’ Debate allowed the leaders “to finish off their points”, with BBC’s Nick Robinson chairing the debate fairly, and has also stated that the BBC debate “was a far cry from the abysmal ITV ‘debate’ a few weeks earlier, which had one reaching for the mute button after a few minutes”, while also admitting that the Leaders’ Debates “mark the X-Factorisation of British politics” (read/think: sensationalises politics to the point of it being a tool of entertainment for the sake of viewer figures). All of these points mentioned here, are frankly points that I agree with without a doubt, and I will not add anything to that as there is not anything to add in this regard.

However, here is where the build-up reaches “ultimate cringe tier”: the insufferable repetition of a certain catchphrase, and a repetition of a certain term. Can you guess what those two things are?

I’ll gladly wait…

Are you going to spit the answers out then?

Sod it – “Get Brexit Done®”, and “Antisemitism®” are the two key terms that became the highlight of the UK General Election 2019 build-up, amongst topics like the National Health Service and the fears of further privatisation efforts, and the UK’s exit from the European Union.

As for the “Antisemitism®” accusations against Jeremy Corbyn, it has been rightly described as “a witch-hunt” designed to defame and delegitimise Corbyn, with Gideon Levy on the Haaretz news outlet pointing out that “the Jewish establishment in Britain and the Israeli propaganda machine have taken out a contract on the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. The contract was taken out a long time ago, and it was clear that the closer Corbyn came to being elected prime minister, the harsher the conflict would get”.  In fact, it has gotten to the point whereby the word “antisemitism” is treated as a laughable Internet meme (thus the ® symbol used to denote its use in the context of the “Corbyn witch-hunt”, and the same goes for the “Get Brexit Done” slogan), and thus delegitimises any serious intentions in terms of using said term in political and apolitical discussions, especially when it comes to safeguarding the wellbeing of people of all races/religions.

Now, with regards to the “Get Brexit Done®” slogan that Boris Johnson kept parroting, while there are valid points with regards to respecting the vote results of the EU Referendum in 2016, how that vote outcome is executed is sadly, an entirely different matter, especially when not a lot of writers are fanatics of Boris Johnson (here, here, and here, though there’s most likely going to be more), and Alexandra Hall Hall, former UK diplomat, resigning from her position as she “does not want to peddle half-truths” on Brexit. As for that slogan though, it has gotten so cringeworthy that the Daily Telegraph staffer, Michael Deacon, amongst others, have started poking fun at said slogan

Speaking of “cringe”, here’s a little something else: doing a Hillary Clinton by blaming undesirable political outcomes on Russia, but this time, in response to the reported NHS document leaks, in which ZDNet has reported this story, which includes the Reddit post linking to the NHS document leaks (here, and here), though Clarity of Signal has written a write-up on the past events surrounding one of the key driving forces behind the NHS Russiagate saga: the Atlantic Council.

In short: a run-of-the-mill leader election build-up, with the UK taking pages out of the US playbook, ranging from the televised debates, to the arbitrary Russiagate that popped out of thin air, with a side-serving of laughably entertaining, Internet meme-tier cringe that would make one laugh and “facepalm” at this build-up.

Thus, at this point, who needs actual entertainment when one can get creative by just poking fun at it all?

Oh well: vote, or don’t vote – it was an interesting rollercoaster ride. I’m personally not expecting much from this to be frank, so whatever happens, will happen, so… whatever.

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