Lebanese Government Issues, Pakistan Protests, and Kashmir Struggles

by Abdul Hussain (H/T Aunt BB/EddieTours/Nadeem Khan)

Lebanon has government issues to deal with while Pakistan now has protests to deal with alongside India, their long-time rivals, tightening its grip on Kashmir


MENA/LATAM Protests – A. Hu

Lebanon: Eyes on Hezbollah, allies after Hariri resignation – Al-Jazeera English News

US: Lebanon urgently needs government with reforms to avert crisis –

Lebanon’s Hariri Calls on Supporters to Refrain From Holding Protests After His Departure – Sputnik News

Lebanese Protests May Trigger Government Crisis, Regional Powers Would Prefer Status Quo – Experts – Sputnik News—experts/

‘US intervention root cause of crisis in Lebanon’ – Press TV

Thousands gather for Pakistan anti-government march in Islamabad – Al-Jazeera English News

‘Azadi March’ postponed in Islamabad for one day due to Lahore train tragedy – The Economic Times

Pakistan train fire: Karachi to Rawalpindi service blaze kills dozens – BBC News

Pakistani protesters descend on capital to demand PM quits – Channel News Asia

Pakistan’s Khan faces 1st major challenge to leadership – Press TV–Islamabad-Imran-Khan

Jammu & Kashmir Roundup: from Losing Self-Governing (Autonomy) Rights to More Political Strife

India formally balkanizes Kashmir to tighten control on Muslim-majority region – Press TV

Aunt BB (Lebanon):
EddieTours (Pakistan):
Nadeem Khan – India tightening its grip on Kashmir

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