The Battle of the Bennys Continues – Benny Gantz Ordered to Form an Israeli Government

by Abdul Hussain

TL;DW: Benjamin Netanyahu’s rival, Benny Gantz, now has to try an form a government in 28 days, or else another person will try and do that, or a 3rd election may happen. What utter lunacy.


Israel Election Results Deadlocked – A. Hu (check this blog post out for previous posts on the matter)

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form government ahead of deadline – BBC News

Netanyahu tells Reuven Rivlin he cannot form government – Sputnik News

Benny Gantz tasked with forming new Israeli government – The Guardian

Israeli President Gives Benny Gantz Mandate to Form New Government – Sputnik News

Netanyahu’s Rival Gantz Approaches Nationalists in Bid to Form Governing Coalition – Sputnik News

Gantz tasked with forming cabinet after Netanyahu fails – Press TV

Israel’s gridlock continues as Gantz attempts to form new government – NBC News

Gantz receives mandate from Rivlin to form government – Jerusalem Post

Benny Gantz Picked to Form Israel’s Government After Netanyahu Fails – Bloomberg (archive link)

What will it take for Israel to avoid an unprecedented 3rd vote – Bloomberg (archive link)

Jared Kushner to meet Benny Gantz as possible 3rd election looms – Bloomberg (archive link)

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