Kyoto Animation: Aftermath & Updates: Donations, Suspects & Public Memorial Service (Nov. 3/4, 2019) (A. Hu video)

by Abdul Hussain

Firstly, F for respects to everyone that has been affected by the events that occurred in July 2019 on KyoAni.(Kyoto Animation)

Lastly, I’ve chosen to make this video because there’s a public memorial service happening (or has happened) on November 3/4, 2019, alongside being interested in the subject matter, and how sad the story is. There’s not much else to say here I’m afraid. šŸ˜¦


KyoAni publishes info on public memorial service – ANN

Kyoto Animation President Considering Demolishing Targeted Studio for Memorial Park – Comic Book

KyoAni remembers its victims of the arson attack 3 months after the event – Kyodo News

KyoAni arson attack victims to be honored by being included in the credits for its new film – The Japan Times

KyoAni – Hideaki Hatta (then) made statement, with suspect arrested – Bleeding Cool

KyoAni tribute piece – NY Times

(Suspected) Arson Attack Strikes KyoAni & Shocks Japan – NY Times

Arson suspect, Shinji Aoba, caused trouble in Saitama; Kyoto death rises to 34 – Asahi

KyoAni donations exceed 1bn yen – The Japan News by The Yomiuri Shimbun

Kyoto Animation will use no donations for business recovery; all of it for arson victims, families – Japan Today

Kyoto Animation official donation account raises over 1 billion yen (US$10.1 million) in one week – Sora News 24

ANIC, JAniCA’s Makuake Crowdfunding Campaign for Kyoto Animation Raises 5.7 Million Yen – ANN

Three months after deadly KyoAni arson attack, injured suspect’s arrest remains out of reach – The Japan Times

Death toll from arson attack on Kyoto Animation studio rises to 36 – Kyodo News

KyoAni arson motive still officially unknown – NHK World News

Hideaki Hatta vows to make KyoAni continue with remaining staff – NHK World News

80+% of KyoAni staffers that were harmed in the July 2019 arson attacks have returned to work – Sora News 24

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