Protests in MENA & LATAM: Welcome to Hell on Earth (A. Hu video)

by Abdul Hussain (H/T @eddietours, Aunt BB (Barbara Hammer), and Scott Creighton (American/Nomadic Everyman/willyloman/churchdog42)

Protests: so who said that life is full of roses, romance, and sunshine? No sane person – that’s who.


Ecuador Protests Happen Because Austerity Measures, and the Aftermath: A. Hu

Lenin Moreno & Mike Pompeo: Ethan Serone (Twitter)

Rising Costs Lead to Protests: Lebanon & Chile: A. Hu

US Official meets in Lebanon over anti-Hezbollah sanctions: Voice of America & The Times of Israel

Mohammed Khalid Alyahya & Hezbollah: Twitter

Elle – Women of the Protests: Twitter

Head of Lebanese pro-US party orders its ministers to resign from cabinet: Press TV

Hezbollah head honcho Nasrallah opposed to resignation; says he won’t let anyone burn Lebanon: Press TV

Lebanon’s premier moves to address nation amid public anger with corruption: Press TV

Lebanon protests continue for 4th day: Press TV

Lebanese Christian Party Ministers Resign From Government Amid Protests: Sputnik News

Lebanese government won’t introduce new taxes to improve financial health of Lebanon, says its Finance Minister – also, it introduces new budget plan without additional taxes: Sputnik News—report/—finance-minister/

Saad Hariri says that budget plans include cutting political staffer salaries in half: Sputnik News–presidency/

Lebanese Authorities Release All Protesters Detained During Riots in Central Beirut: Sputnik News

Lebanese Government Approves 17-Point Economic Plan in Bid to Defuse Protests: Sputnik News

Lebanese protestors block roads amid general strike: Sputnik News

UAE sets up embassy to sent Emiratis home due to Lebanon protests: Sputnik News

Wesley Clark: 7 Countries in 5 Years: Youtube
Chile protest deaths: BBC News (3 dead) & Sputnik News (risen to 10) & The Guardian (11)—local-authorities/

State of Emergency in Chile: Guardian & Sputnik News

After Fare Hike Stirs Unrest, Chilean President Suspends It: NY Times

Soldiers patrol Chile after violent protests:

Sebastian Pinera Must Go, Said Chilean Protestors: Sputnik News

Curfews in Chile: Sputnik News—reports/

Protests from Around the World – Some Seen, Some: Not So Much – Scott Creighton (Youtube)

Massive hat-tip to the following folks for this video:

Scott Creighton

Aunt BB


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