R.I.P. AlphaDream – Press F for Respects

by Abdul Hussain

A lot of companies come and go, in all walks of life, and in every single industry imaginable, but unfortunately, a gaming company founded by a former SquareSoft staffer that is well-known for developing Mario & Luigi games for Nintendo had to be one of them. I just hope that the staff affected by all of this find jobs as soon as possible, and not be impacted by this sad event in such a way that it’ll severely handicap their livelihoods and their mental and physical wellbeing

AlphaDream goes bust – Yahoo! Japan (first known site to report this story) (nota bene: Japanese)

Developers of the Mario & Luigi series, AlphaDream, file for bankruptcy – Jack of all Controllers

Mario & Luigi developer, AlphaDream, has gone bankrupt – Metro UK, Gematsu, and

Developer of Mario & Luigi files for bankruptcy – Twitter Moments

AlphaDream – Wikipedia

Yoshihiko Maekawa – IMDB & Moby Games,36645/

Tetsuo Mizuno – IMDB & Moby Games,35098/

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