Israel Election Results Deadlocked

by Abdul Hussain

For the previous video, which is linked to this video in terms of event progression, click on the following link as this video serves as a follow-up to the previous video:

After the Israel elections in April and September 2019 failed to produce a conclusive result, and unity agreements fell through, the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, orders Benjamin Netanyahu to try and assemble a government – I basically talk about that, and talk about more reactions to this particular deadlock.

Also, I gotta apologise for being tardy with putting this video together, as firstly, I was waiting to see if there any new news stories that I could add to this video, and lastly, I was unwell. Sorry folks

Netanyahu tasked with assembling new government – Twitter Events

RECAP: Netanyahu & Gantz [were] in unity talks – Reuters, via Yahoo

Netanyahu tasked with forming new Israeli government – AFP, via Yahoo

Netanyahu Tapped to form New Government after repeat election – The Daily Beast & Reuters

Explainer: Israel’s Netanyahu clutches political lifeline – Reuters, via Yahoo

In a Twist, Netanyahu Wins a Chance to keep his job – The New York Times (archived)

Israeli Arab Faction Explains Why It Didn’t Back Netanyahu’s Rival – The New York Times (archived) – H/T Jerel Shaw

Benny Gantz versus the Ziada family – Electronic Intifada – H/T @chrisrulon (Dead Patsy)

Netanyahu on Steroids: What a Gantz-led Government means for Palestine – Dissident Voice – H/T @chrisrulon (Dead Patsy)

‘We don’t care who wins’: young Gazans see little choice in Israel’s elections – The Guardian

Benny Gantz sued privately for war crimes in 2014: i24 News

I survived the Gaza violence Benny Gantz brags about – +972 Magazine

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