The Off-Road Gaming Video Collection (World Rally Championships)

by Abdul Hussain

Throughout the week, and after the dizzying highs caused by personal events in the summer, I was playing two WRC games. The first one here is WRC II Extreme on the Sony PlayStation 2, which was developed by a now-defunct studio called Evolution Studios, in which I enjoyed playing that back in the 2000s.

Then, I decided to play a more recent WRC videogame entry, which is rather unimaginatively called “WRC 8”, which is published by BigBen, and developed by KT Racing, and compared to earlier post-Sony entries, this is by far the best WRC game I’ve played (as of the time of writing), and while it is as crazily hard as being unhealthily fat and trying to climb up Mount Fuji, I’ve actually enjoyed it, albeit with the easiest difficulty settings.

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