Netanyahu May Take The L, But So What? (A. Hu video)

Benjamin Netanyahu may be behind the polls in the elections, but what does that actually mean for world politics, especially in Israel/Palestine, MENA, and the USA? I see folks celebrating his demise, and some questioning the positive spin on the story

Weakened Netanyahu’s offer of unity government rebuffed by rival Gantz – Yahoo News

Netanyahu Lost. His Enemies Won. But Who Can Govern Israel? – The Daily Beast

Israel: Benny Gantz rejects Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘unity government’ proposal – DW

Netanyahu lost but nobody won – Irish Times

Israel: 50 Years of Occupation Abuses – Human Rights Watch

The end of the Netanyahu era does not mena the end of the occupation – +972 Magazine

Media rules explained: Mention Israeli slaughter and Palestinian children in same breath, kiss your career goodbye – Mondoweiss

OFFTOPIC, BUT WHILE BENJI N’S PM STATUS IS IN THREAT, THIS HAPPENED: Armenia to open up embassy in Israel – Jerusalem Post

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