Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister

by Abdul Hussain



…oh dear God, look what we have here: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, better known to everyone as Boris Johnson, is now going to be the UK’s Prime Minister, after beating Jeremy Hunt to the Prime Minister race, and to the absolute surprise of literally no one ever, the usual suspects, ranging from former The Apprentice UK contestant Katie Hopkins and UKIP politician-turned-The Brexit Party politician Nigel Farage, to the US POTUS, Donald John Trump have decided to congratulate Boris Johnson.

Also, with Boris’s deeds ranging from intending to raise tax cut thresholds from £50000 GBP to £80000 GBP to walking out of the House of Commons over the Gaza massacre, amongst other controversial things that he has done (some of which may be debatable in terms of the EU, as that is still a divisive topic)  it would not be surprising if he is not well-liked by the general public… oh wait…

Well, as Laura “Sex Angel” would say…

Oh well, on the bright side, we have two wacky, blonde freaks of nature, err I mean politicians running the US and the UK respectively. What a wonderful world we live in.

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