Puerto Rico Protests: #RickyRenuncia (Ricky Resign – Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Rossello)

by Abdul Hussain

Update: Scott Creighton (Nomadic Everyman) has released a video regarding the Puerto Rico protests, which is worthy of checking out – here is the video below

Tulsi Gabbard sides with Clinton and Trump on #rickyrenuncia – churchdog42 (Scott Creighton)

Recent media reports have noted that the Puerto Rican civilians have congregated to protest against the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, citing its inability to satisfactorily engineer the US territory’s way out of financial/economic adversity since Hurricane Maria in 2017, alongside leaks of personal conversations reportedly involving mocking the Hurricane Maria situation, while the country is best by corruption and fraud-related charges, arrests, and indictments.

In response to the protests, Ricardo Rossello has said that he will not resign as per the wishes and desires of the protestors, but rather, he will not seek re-election efforts as a result, which as reportedly failed to calm down the protestors, in which the Puerto Rican celebrities have also joined in, including singer Ricky Martin, and renowned boxer Felix Trinidad.

As a matter of fact, as reported earlier on July 21, 2019, protestors have also surrounded the gubernatorial residency while facing security personnel in the protests and have expressed their disgust and disapproval for the governor, and on Fox News, Ricardo Rossello has apologised for the situation, claiming to “assume all responsibility” for the protests, while the US political figures Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard and others have expressed disapproval for the disgraced Puerto Rican governor.

As a result of the political unrest in question, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises had to cancel port stops in San Juan, Puerto Rico) to avoid travel-related complications arising from the #rickyrenuncia protests, though Carla Campos, the executive director of the MSC Cruises, said that  “No cancellations have yet been reported for transit stops scheduled for the rest of the week,” and that “the (tourism company) keeps in constant contact with the lines evaluating case by case and trying to safeguard all aspects related to the visitor’s experience.”, indicating that the status and duration of the protests, and the complications arising from this event remain somewhat uncertain as of July 22, 2019, at least in terms of health and safety for the travel companies and those who use their services.

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