Haiti: A Caribbean Political Football for Internal and External Forces to Kick Around

The Haiti Protests – June 2019

Here’s a country that has been suffering a lot: Haiti. Press TV and Miami Herald reports that there has been casualties while Haitians were protesting against the country’s leadership due to Haitian President Jovenel Moise and the reported corruption charges and mismanagement of financial resources to aid the poor and aid the development of the country, with Dario Joseph, a construction worker reportedly stating that “the people who are running the country are the ones stealing all the money”.

The protests that led to the casualties involved “two people being shot and killed”, with police forces using tear gas to disperse protestors from bombarding the presidential palace, with young protestors lighting up car tyres on fire.

As for the detailed reasoning behind the protests, Venezuela has given several countries, including Haiti, oil, but with a 25-year incremental payment plan at an interest rate being as low as 1% as part of the PetroCaribe aid programme, but in the case of Haiti, while they saved money from the incremental payment plan, which was supposedly intended for development projects, the $~3.8 billion of PetroCaribe revenue went missing according to government audits, and the reports include fraud allegations involving Moise, and his predecessor, Michel Martelly. This in turn puts Haiti in a situation whereby they owe Venezuela $~2 billion, and to exacerbate matters in Venezuela, as they are dealing with political issues of their own, they had decelerate, or altogether halt the aid programme

Foreigners Caught in Haiti – February 2019

Earlier in 2019 in Haiti, TIME Magazine has reported that 5 Americans, one Russian and one Serbian (two Serbians were counted in the Task & Purpose report) were under arrest for political conspiracy, alongside illegal possession of arms, in which they were stopped at a Haitian checkpoint whilst being caught “with assault rifles, pistols, bulletproof vests and drones” according to the Associated Free Press, via the Haitian police forces.

As it has turned out, the five Americans that were under arrest had direct, or indirect affiliations with the US political forces, Task & Purpose has reported, with Chris Osman, one of the five then-arrested Americans saying that he did “security work [“government mission”] “for people who are directly connected to the current President” of Haiti”, and that “We [the arrested foreigners] were being used as pawns in a public fight between him and the current Prime Minister of Haiti”.

My Brief Analysis on the Situation (If I Can Even Call It That).

Haiti has been plagued with adversities, ranging from earthquakes, to political catastrophes and financial hardships, and for a country to be one of the poorest in the Americas, the current avalanche of adversities, ranging from leadership meltdowns, debt to other adversity-struck countries and foreign forces with weapons to sexual abuse claims from non-profit organizations is most definitely the things Haiti, and the Haitian civilians do not need right now, and the only thing I can say to the Haitians is “good luck and Godspeed – may you succeed in your fight against the wretched state, and against poverty and hardship”.

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