Civilian and Political Unrest and Lunacy Plagues Sudan

by Abdul Hussain

Now here’s a political story that I have not seen that’s been mentioned in my social media circles – Sudan is facing a meltdown of sorts, with reports from Al-Jazeera, Al-Araby (The New Arab) and BBC News stating that violence between the Sudanese military and the civilians has led to “four people having been killed in the first day of the demonstrations”and that police forces have been firing tear gas at civilians due to the unrest in Khartoum.

Sudan unrest deaths and tear-gas – Sudan Meltdown updates – Al-Jazeera

The reasons for the unrest can be traced back to the removal of its president, Omar al-Bashir, whereby in April 2019, he had to resign after 30 years of autocratic rule, citing protests and thus, dislike for the then-president due to accusations of “economic mismanagement, leading to skyrocketing food prices, and fuel and foreign currency shortages”, alongside having a reported history of proxy discrimination of blacks in favour of Arabs in the form of economic policies, suppression of opposition, and war crimes to the point whereby the International Criminal Court are involved in attempting to sanction Omar al-Bashir in the process.

This has resulted in a transition process led by the Sudanese military to ensure that a new president or leader would be successfully and peacefully installed, or at least the process be made in an as peaceful a manner as possible, considering the continent, and Sudan’s history of adversity. However, the process, as mentioned earlier, did not go as well as planned, with reported deaths, and businesses being shut down in protest of the Sudanese martial law that is currently implemented.

All in all, this political event has been catastrophic for the civilians that have been dragged in the political crossfire – do I really need to say more in terms of providing an opinion on this very sorry situation?

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