From Citizenship Revocation to the White Helmets (A. Hu video)

In the video (URL:, I will firstly be talking about Shamima Begum, and the continuation of the citizenship revocation saga, in which I have mainly covered in my previous video (, though there have been written reports of her newborn son being dead while she remains in citizenship limbo, and then I will also talk about another ISIS detainee which is unnamed (with unconfirmed reports) as of the time of the production of this video, and I will be comparing and contrasting those two situations and how they have been handled. After that, I will also talk about someone else who has had his citizenship stripped – a certain “humanitarian worker” named Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif.

Nota bene: Links posted here are posted in order of intended appearance in the video, and Youtube doesn’t like really long description-box content, so I am going to post the shownotes in full, here, on this WordPress blog

BBC Newsnight: Shamima Begum’s son ‘tragedy’

Shamima Begum: Sajid Javid facing outrage as death of Isis bride’s son labelled ‘stain on the conscience’ via @YahooNews

The unnamed and not fully confirmed Irish ISIS detainee

Tauqir Sharif has his citizenship revoked – The Guardian

Aided White Helmets but no hero’s welcome: UK pulls Syria worker’s citizenship, cites Al-Qaeda links – RT

Vanessa Beeley and Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif (H/T to both Vanessa Beeley and Marajam – @marajammarija)

Rescuing the “rescuers” – Syrian White Helmet builds new life in UK (H/T @indie_sunsets) – Ynetnews,7340,L-5475383,00.html

Israel helps White Helmets get out of Syria and enter into Jordan

White Helmets help Syrian militants prepare false flag attack

White Helmets: a ‘regime change’ tool in Syria that is too important to stop funding?

White Helmets deny links to Tox – Al-Araby

Yet, the same group speak up for Tox (anyone notice the contradiction here?)

Why a Real Leftist Now Hates famous Hillary Rodham Clinton cuck Bernie Sanders: Sanders Meets with and Supports Leader of al Qaeda/ISIS-linked White Helmets – American Everyman (WP nuked it)

The White Helmets psyop – American Everyman (WordPress nuked the site)

Who are the White Helmets? – 21st Century Wire

John Cantlie (he sure “can’t lie”, can he?) shows the White Helmets and brands them “The Islamic State Fire Brigade” – American Everyman

John Cantlie video (“documentary-style film From Inside Halab”) Proves White Helmets is ISIS – AE video

John Cantlie appears in From Inside Halab – The Guardian (confirms AE’s point)

The John Cantlie video (taken from the AE video shownotes) – if the URL does not take you to 7:10 automatically, do it yourself

Eva Bartlett and Dilly Hussain faceoff on Aleppo – RT, with analysis on American Herald Tribune


Shoutouts – for providing information on Syria, John Cantlie, White Helmets, and Tauqir Sharif:

Partisangirl (Maram Susli):
Vanessa Beeley:
Eva Bartlett:

Aunt BB: &
Scott Creighton: & &

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