Shamima Begum, and Hoda Muthana: The So-Called “ISIS Brides”, and the Repercussions Surrounding the Saga

Left: Shamima Begum – Right: Hoda Muthana

By Abdul Hussain

This article will be a little more opinion-focused than my previous articles, but will focus on the factual issues as usual, including the faux-Islamic, head-chopping, terrorist scum that is named after the Egyptian goddess of the same name, in which there will be no prizes for correctly guessing what the name of said terrorist group is, its founders and supporters, and the Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana, alongside the consequences surrounding the event.

Upon seeing the Shamima Begum return story unfold at its very infancy, I initially came to the conclusion that it would not be best for her to return to the UK (without consequences), because of the fact that I felt that it was a massively cretinous decision for her to join ISIS, the terrorist organization that is known to be supported by, and/or at least closely affiliated with the West, especially the USA, and Israel, and that their beliefs run obviously contrary to the tenets of Islam, such as forcing people to believe in their own version of the religion, which Islam states that forcing someone to choose a religion is not allowed, and that one should only fight in self-defense, which ISIS obviously ignores. Therefore, ISIS’s actions indicate, as mentioned in the hyperlinked articles, that their intention was never really to fight the true warmongers, or in this case, “bite the hand that feeds them”, but rather, dismantle, and destroy the Middle East as a proxy outlet for the West and Israel and their mission objectives.

As for Shamima Begum herself, her re-arrival will ramp up tensions between non-Muslims and Muslims, as her actions has only reinforced the negative stigma surrounding the Muslim community at large, and by her coming into the UK once again, she will be used as an excuse to enable the strategy of tension to the chagrin of the average person, and the Muslim community at large, thus making livelihoods more difficult, not to mention trust issues as a whole and, to go down the conspiratorial rabbit hole even deeper, the fear of additional “breaking news events” taking place, but that said, the Western forces should obviously, and massively be ashamed of themselves of enabling this kind of strife in the first place, especially when using proxy groups that act as honeypots to encourage people to join such groups in the first place.

However, the more I delved into this subject, and the more viewpoints I have come across, it turns out that I admittedly did not think about that point in time, which is the one additional repercussion this story may have, that has been pointed by Ali Salaam, Sunny Hundal, and others: the potential misuse of laws, especially on dual-citizens, whereby that if anyone does go to another country and is even FALSELY accused of committing a malicious act, they could possibly be wrongly detained and punished, as was the case of the Press TV anchor, Marzieh Hashemi, whereby the anchor was detained, but without any explanation from the US, and as of 22nd February 2019, Bangladesh has immediately denied that she was a dual citizen in the first place, thus putting the UK Conservative Home Secretary Sajid Javid in an embarrassingly laughable, and awkward situation.

In addition to the Shamima Begum story, we also have Hoda Muthana, the other ISIS bride who went to join none other than ISIS, and has suffered exactly the same fate as the UK Bangladeshi counterpart thanks to POTUS #45, Donald John Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in which according to reports from The Guardian and the New York Post, Hoda Muthana wants to return to the USA while being willing to go through the legal processes, and that she is willing to help deradicalize others in order to prevent anyone else from going through the same issues and experiences they did, and as they both share more or less the same story, I can only imagine that the reactions surrounding Hoda Muthana will be very similar to the Shamima Begum story in the sense that their actions have caused hardships in the aforementioned manner.

Therefore, after trying to analyse this situation the best I can, I am leaning towards the fact that ideally they can return, but not without going through the legal processes, as long as those processes are implemented fairly in this case and that efforts should be made to ensure that they will never repeat these mistakes again, while minimizing any surrounding issues, such as reducing tensions and community divide. Yes, as I have mentioned, the folks responsible for creating the monster that is ISIS are responsible for allowing this to happen in the first place, and causing havoc in the process, and that should not be denied or downplayed, but for now, minimizing the repercussions surrounding this story should be the key focus, which is rehabilitation, if possible and fair disciplinary procedures for the two people in question, deterring anyone from going down the extremist path, and focusing on the root causes of extremism, especially of this calibre.

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