The Detention of Press TV’s Marzieh Hashemi, and the Political Lunacy Surrounding Free Speech and Legitimate Dissent

Free Marzieh Hashemi – Intifada Street – URL:

by Abdul Hussain

Update #0: Scott Creighton has tweeted this post – please share:

Update #1: There is a GoFundMe fundraising page now being spread around to help raise funds for legal defense purposes: – H/T Zuleikha Sandra Rae Johnson

Update #2: PressTV has posted this update on their YouTube account (community post), asking its viewers and readers to sign the petition to free Marzieh Hashemi

Press TV makes a YouTube community post for the petition.

Update #3: Press TV has posted a video on their YouTube account stating that the US courts have confirmed her detention:

Update #4: USA wants to prolong the Marzieh Hashemi’s case –

Update #5: Marzieh Hashemi is freed, but the campaigning for justice MUST go on:

This has got to be a massive sick joke, one may say, but the sad reality is that it isn’t: Press TV’s famous anchor, born Melanie Franklin, was actually detained in the USA by the FBI (New York Times post-by-post updates), and there has been reports that she has been detained in such a manner that she has been subject to ‘inhumane’ conditions, while failing to be fed a diet that caters to Muslims, and to exacerbate matters, there has been no known reason as to why she has been detained upon arrival to the USA as of the time of writing (17th January 2019, 12:34 hours, GMT+0000), though numerous political personalities have spoken out on the matter, and the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called out the US, by demanding that she should be released immediately, and branding the detention as “a political game”

Sadly though, this just adds to a very long list of companies and countries silencing journalists and independent journalists, like how WordPress has been purging sites that challenge political orthodoxies (H/T Jay Dyer), with Jay Dyer himself (H/T Patrick Henningsen), and the emotionally torn Scott Creighton, of American/Nomadic Everyman fame (H/T Jay Dyer and Barbara Hammer, via Sarah Perez’s insidious hit-piece article (comment snapshot)), Dr Eowyn (H/T James Tracy) (Fellowship of the Minds), as mentioned in Thomas Kiely’s INN World Report radio show, and ex-university professor and free speech campaigner, James Tracy, of Memory Hole Blog fame (I have to thank him for quoting me on his blog), being the victims of the WordPress Purge, and then there are governments detaining journalists for criticising politicians, like the Manipur journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem, in which he branded the BJP minister N. Biren Singh “a Modi puppet”, which has led to Narender Modi being called out for using sedition laws to silence dissent and just not tolerating dissent at all, and then there are governments who detain activists like Saudi Arabia, who is currently detaining Israa al-Ghomgham, with the threat of the death penalty, though it was canceled as of 14th January 2019, with no new date for this hearing being given, citing “restructuring and reorganizing” as the reasons for the cancellation

After looking at all of these events surrounding the war on free speech, and detaining journalists and censoring them for no honest reasons whatsoever, this just serves as a stark reminder that the censorship tide is only going to get bigger and fiercer than ever before, and the one thing we must do is to be prepared for whatever is thrown at us, and be prepared to archive every single piece of journalistic content, especially when takedowns are becoming more common nowadays.

Lastly, as for Marzieh Hashemi, born Melanie Franklin, I suggest reading Alison Weir’s article on the matter, alongside the New York Times’ timestamped posts, and of course, Press TV, as she is currently employed by the news organization, and they will be reporting on the situation as it happens, and if there are better articles and news sources, feel free to use them as well, and on that note, here are the two hashtags relating to this matter:

Come to think of it, it reminds me of a certain comedian telling us that “you are free, to do as we tell you”…. Yeah, looks like that is becoming more and more true, sadly, and on that note, I wish that she is freed, for her and her employers’, and her family’s sake.

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