The (Nerdy) Gamer’s Dilemma: What Shall I Do With My Thumbs and Fingers?

Games – that’s what a fair amount of people play with, and kill time with on a daily basis, and with the hobby becoming a financially lucrative affair in the 21st Century, every Jack and Jill wants to ride on the tide of ragefits that come with gaming when one kills oneself in a glitchy mess, whether it is either game developers, or just the average Joe wanting to have fun.

Now, with the crappy, yet positive-sounding introduction to the blog out of the way, gaming is something that can be a time-taxing hobby, especially with single-player, or online multiplayer games on the conventional gaming platforms – id est: the PC and game consoles, like the Sony PlayStation/Microsoft Xbox/Nintendo series of systems, and this can be a good thing if you have more time to burn than calories, but unfortunately, when one ends up dealing with adult-like responsibilities, bye-bye gaming – well, except for the god-awful, wallet-raping “tap to play” “mobile games”, which most time-poor adults kill time with, but I do not consider that to be fulfilling at all.

This then leads to the one big question that most gamers who go through the dilemma of not being able to fit in conventional gaming within their lives: “what shall I do with my thumbs and fingers (besides stroking yourself for pleasure)?”. The answer: “suck it up and just live a busy, unfulfilling life” – that’s what a mediocre, depressed individual who likes to see others live empty, dreary lives say to the gamers, and those who are nerdy in nature and would like to hold onto that identity like a devout Muslim would hold onto the Qur’an like the soothing duvet that they cannot let go of.

In that particular case, carry on gaming, and carry on being a nerd, and do not let the boring cretins that gatecrash a nerdy convention ruin your life, and destroy your identity in the same way that they most likely have destroyed their identities just to live a life of pathetic conformity, unless you decided to stop gaming because you feel most games are too boring to play nowadays, and to that, I understand, although that is a different story for another day.


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