What is a friend?
A friend is supposed to be a person who supports you from start to finish.
From the day you meet to the day you die.
From moments of ease and happiness to moments of difficulty and melancholy
And from the low and poor times to the high and rich times.

A friend is supposed to have your back when you are challenged, when you are outnumbered, and when you are stuck in a dilemma.

This is sadly no longer true.

All you see are people… empty people.
People driven by greed
People driven by envy
People driven by evil, and
People driven by dishonesty

This is also true for those who you thought are your best friends, as you thought that they would never fall into the trap of dishonesty, but they destroy that trust.

Therefore, we do not see friends all around us. Instead, all we see are leeches in front of us,
Behind us,
And on either side of us.

You have no friends.
You have leeches.
Leeches who want to leech off your time,
Leech off your happiness,
And leech off your success.

Nobody is your friend.
Anybody who claims to be your friend is a leech.
And leeches deserve to be stamped on to death like the leeches that they are.
You do not need leeches in your life.
And you definitely do not need to take in any mockery from those who belittle those with no friends, as they are as evil and superficial as the leeches.

Remember this:
There is no such thing as “a friend”,
And there is no such thing as “having friends”.

Remember this:
You have no friends,
And you will die all alone, with no friends.

It will be just you, your grave, and your future as a dead corpse.

13 replies on “Friends”

Yes most people are leeches or have hidden agendas. I saw you liked my FB comment and I got off Twitter; sick of tweeting. Saw you followed me on Instagram. Dude I never have friends and being a giving person just causes sick people to attach to me. The internet is kinda the worst because it’s filled with judgmental people who make wrong assumptions too. I appreciated all your support of me converting with religion. You kinda sound like an American. No offense because I’m one. Not all of us are bad. Most people drain the hell out of me and it’s tiring.

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Hello there Jaci.

I’m sorry for not replying to your WordPress comment sooner. I’m actually British, even though I write like an American as I admittedly prefer the American variant of the English language more than the British variant of the same language, and no, I am not joking when I say this, especially when Twitter has character limits, and US English uses fewer characters to spell out the same words when compared to British English.

Also, I perfectly understand where you are coming from, as social media can be psychologically and physically draining to deal with, with all the negativity and drama and baggage that comes with it, especially the hyper-reactive cretins that will throw you under a bus for minor disagreements, and cowards giving you the cold shoulder for no known reason whatsoever.

Lastly, thank you for commenting on here – much appreciated. 🙂


I am so sorry I’m just now responding to this!! (I spelled my name differently on Twitter) I had a not good few months and lost my way for a bit. I didnt know you are British. But this makes sense what you say about your choice of wording. Are you still on Twitter? I have a new account now and tried to look yours up but all I could remember were old handles like “humanracesucks” and indestructiblebags or something. I’m coming up with nothing. Please help 🙂


I found you now, thank you! I’ve been on for about a little over a month. Yes, (((they’ve))) infested Facebook and I’m sure Twitter is following behind. I am glad to be connected as friends with you on Twitter again! See you there

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Yo. I followed you on Facebook. I should have never came back on Twitter. LOL. I’m off that site. Send me a friend request please. My name is written differently on there but check who followed me and you’ll note it’s me. Just please don’t say how my name is written. Thanks!

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Haha, yes, but yes, you’ll need Facebook Messenger to send messages personally, unless you’re willing to go through the hassle of navigating through an ultra-stripped down Facebook Mobile site, and that is not fun at all.


Yes, it is the pits. But did you know the mobile site doesn’t allow messenger either anymore? My phone is basic and when I tried to install messenger it froze and closed my FB app. I think the memory is full which is just as well. I will go read your message in a moment on my computer. Facebook sucks for separating messenger from the phone features.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed, which is why you need to select “Request desktop site”, and then type in “”, and yes, Facebook has made accessing messages awkward. I’ve even missed messages sent by people who I know but are not on my friends list because of this crap.


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